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Case Study Adoption UK

Adoption UK has developed many peer to peer interventions to support adopters throughout their adoptive journey and they were keen to provide a very clear service narrative and define their existing portfolio in order to start thinking about extending the service portfolio by developing new targeted and therapeutic services.

Interface worked with Adoption UK to create a new framework so that services could be articulated clearly to adopters, members, commissioners (Education, Social care and Health) codifying existing services and identifying a delivery model that will support a new range of services within a wider profile of funding streams.

Interface worked with Adoption UK supporting its plans to strengthen the organisational goals following implementation of the national adoption reforms and to ensure that the opportunity to future proof was not lost.  

Our work with them was to:

  • Develop a sequence of work and work flow plan
  • Fully scope and map current and future services into service/delivery headings.

We also ran workshops to:

  • Engage key members of adoption UK in the creation of the future business model
  • Help map current and future work and innovation
  • Support the development of an outcomes framework to meet the requirements of funding streams with a clear line of sight to developing indicators and KPI’s.
  • Support the development of an evaluation methodology aligned to the outcomes framework.
  • Use the Colebrook theory of change to embed work already undertaken and to ensure a ‘shared language ‘of change.
  • Support Business development by ensuring campaigning support is linked to the framework.
  • Provide support and challenge through the process.

The work with Adoption UK was fast moving and the requirements of the work developed at the contract progressed. Interface worked very closely with Adoption UK to ensure the work engaged all members of the organisation and considered all departments who would have requirements in the work including finance, publications and development managers.