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Catch 22 - Child Protection & Data Protection Training

The Child Protection and Safeguarding session covered:

  • Identifying what is meant by safeguarding and child abuse
  • Recognising the signs and indicators of possible abuse
  • Understanding the relevant legislation and guidance that safeguards young people
  • Learning from serious case reviews and the impact on safeguarding practice
  • Identifying the barriers to children and adults reporting concerns
  • Knowing how to respond and report your concerns
  • Contributing to inter-agency assessment by gathering and sharing information

 The Data Protection session covered:

  • Complying with the Data Protection Act and its overarching principles
  • Identifying the principles of good record keeping
  • Conducting work in the context of confidentiality, the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act
  • Sharing information appropriately within the social care context, considering ethical and legal dilemmas.

 The session was tailored to meet the needs of the learners in their non-statutory roles