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Cheshire West and Chester Leaders’ programme

The Leaders programme was a crucial element to achieving success in implementing the New Ways of Working initiative across Cheshire West and Chester Children’s Trust.

 The programme comprised 3 key elements: a multi-agency programme delivered to a total of 129 public sector leaders, followed up with action centred workshops for small multi-agency groups of leaders and workshops for Ambassadors who had a specific responsibility to champion this major change within their organisations. 

 The approach and interactive style of delivery supported participants to focus on what they needed to do in their organisations and schools to achieve success. Through presentations, use of videos, experiential learning and small group work  participants were able to develop a common understanding of the News Ways of Working approach; further develop their knowledge and understanding of Trauma Informed Practice and Motivational Approaches and to actively consider how Learning Conversations and Multi-agency Group Supervision would be developed to support a different culture and approach across the Children’s Trust.

 Working closely with the Trust’s Programme Lead, we adapted our material and approach over the 12 month delivery period to respond to changing learning needs as the programme impacted on and achieved changes in practice across the workforce. 

 Feedback on the outcomes achieved illustrate how powerful it is to bring multi-agency leaders together in facilitated environments.  This provided opportunities to develop mutual understanding and support for change through cross sector discussion, debate and collaboration.