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Cheshire West & Chester- Mental Health Issues and Their Impact on Families

Raising awareness about Mental Health and the impact of mental health issues on families is a key objective of Cheshire West and Chester local authority. With this in mind we were pleased to deliver this dynamic training course to a range of staff from services across the borough including colleagues from the police, social care, schools and family support/early interventions services.

Practitioners were given the opportunity to learn within pairs, small groups, and direct teaching which enabled them to identify the local support on offer and raise awareness within their teams. The group were introduced to mindfulness, allowing them practice ideas to work with complex families reducing risk, building resilience and supporting their families.

Identified Learning Outcomes for the course were:

  • Having a broad overview of common mental health issues
  • Gaining an understanding of the impact of poor mental health on families 
  • Understanding the impact of poor mental health on engaging with professionals and services 
  • Having an understanding of the impact of inequalities, including the oppression and discrimination, on all family members 
  • Gaining an understanding of the ways in which parental mental illness may affect parenting capacity

Feedback from the day was gratefully received including:

“Good overview of common mental health issues – risks/symptoms/treatments”
“I am taking away a much better understanding of symptoms and mental health conditions”
“Met the learning outcomes, very informative and interesting”
“Good levels of interaction and information sharing”