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Connexus - Effective Support worker and SMART Plans

Bringing staff together for 2 days face to face training to explore key worker skills in engagement, understanding the balance between support and challenge and an opportunity to learn together sharing ideas and best practice. Day 2 was focused on building SMART plans with individuals and partners, building skills and confidence to identify need, understand their own thresholds and accountability whilst using clear and appropriate language and creating plans in collaboration with the customer.

Staff attended from a range of services that fit under the Connexus umbrella including, domestic abuse support, the young person service , housing officers and independent living coordinators. The diverse roles created some interesting and in depth conversations and reflecting on how the whole service needs a strong vision of support with all services aiming to meet the same outcome of improving the lives of those we work alongside and providing a safe relationship that supports and enhances change.

 Following feedback from staff and observations of practice, Interface has been able to meet with managers to offer some thoughts on internal processes, good practice and understanding of key messages being shared. This enabled us to provide the best outcome for training and an opportunity for Connexus to embed any new learning into practice.


Most recent Learner Feedback included  .


  • Better questioning and listening skills. I will now look at the support plans with fresh eyes and ensuring they are SMART
  • I’m going to review all my Support plans and how I name and identify risk, I know this will take some time but I’m committed to doing it.
  • I will re evaluate all my support plans considering a SMART approach and the use of wording as covered in the course
  • Best Training I’ve ever had, so interesting. Presented in a way that kept my attention and really made me think
  • Such an inspiring 2 days, I felt heard and validated. First time I have experienced this in training. Thank You