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Darlington Case Study – Working Whole Family, Core Skills and Effective Practice

This covered both children’s and adult services, outlining the importance of seamless whole family working within services to create effective planning and complement cross agency support packages. The one day session gave an opportunity to embed holistic whole family working and thinking to create confident and competent staff who are able to deliver services to individuals and families and specifically bridge the gap between children’s and adult services.

The day follows a case study through a families journey, enabling practitioners to identify key issue’s and support, identifying the differences between working with individuals and the whole family, and how their practice should alter to accommodate whole family work.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify issues facing all members of families  
  • Recognise skills and methods to working whole family
  • Recognise the advantages of holistic family working
  • Explain the rationale of the assessment process across the service
  • Be able to construct SMART family plans based on assessment needs
  • Identify and discuss key legislation


We asked asked ‘how will you implement in practice what you have learnt’?'

  • ‘I feel more confident about the assessment process’
  • ‘I am now an Adults & Children’s Social Worker in Learning Disabilities and as such have to work with the whole family, this has given me the knowledge & understanding to work with families in a holistic way’
  • ‘Being more confident when working with families & applying a whole family approach’.
  • ‘The tutor was knowledgeable and made the learning interesting by using his own experiences and examples of practice’.