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Early Help Whole Family Skills Training – Barnsley

Barnsley were looking for a training provider to support their recent restructure to whole family working and implementation of its Family Support offer in both the Early Help and Troubled Families agenda.

They wanted a bespoke course to meet the needs of a range of staff abilities and roles to both enthuse the workers to engage in this new way of working and address the skills gap in working whole family.

Interface linked closely with frontline managers to ensure new skills and gaps in practice were identified and supported to ensure all new knowledge was embedded into direct practice.

The training included staff from, children’s social care, Targeted youth support, Family intervention service and children’s centres.  The training package was delivered over 3 full days. 

The training content included:

  • Effective engagement and communication
  • Working with difficult to engage individuals and non-compliance
  • Working whole family
  • Tools to engage complex families
  • Understanding Risk and resilience
  • Whole family assessments
  • Whole Family SMART plans
  • Direct working tools to gain the voice of the child
  • Building independence in individuals and families
  • Working multi agency
  • Understanding thresholds when working whole family
  • Reflective practice

 Feedback following the training included

"This training has had a positive impact on my professional development and passion for working with families".

"I feel more empowered in my ability to work with families. As anew worker this training has been extremely beneficial."

"Most useful training I’ve ever had".

"First time I’ve had had training with such a knowledgeable trainer."