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Embedding Performance Improvement into Practice

We developed a close working relationship with the management team who were clear about the outcomes they wanted to achieve. Our approach was to offer a range of activity for the management to consider and once agreed to tailor specific activities to meet the development needs of individual managers and those they managed. The strong relationship we built with the senior management team enabled us to be flexible in our delivery of the programme.

The underpinning objectives were to:

  • develop strong leaders to champion good practice throughout operational services
  • identify and remove barriers preventing practice standards being achieved
  • assist managers to develop systems to achieve effective delivery of services
  • build professional competence and confidence to improve the quality of services and outcomes for children and their families

 The programme included:

  • Coaching Sessions for the Team Managers – to target specific goals, using a range of techniques and approaches to challenge practice and promote professional development.
  • Team Manager Action Learning Sets – to develop management team and work on individuals being more corporate in their approach.
  • Advanced Practitioner Action Learning Sets – to develop leadership skills and better understanding of their responsibility, role and function in performance improvement
  • Team Development Workshops – supporting the team managers in their role as leaders with focus on improving performance and promoting personal responsibility for quality of work.
  • Service Workshops – supporting the managers to ensure consistency across teams providing the same service within the organisation

Specific attention was given to understanding impact of behaviour, developing effective leadership and management style, holding “crucial conversations” to promote positive working relationships and improve performance; challenging discriminatory practice and behaviour in the workplace; positive influence during a period of change within the organisation; the impact of motivation on performance and developing effective supervision.

Feedback from participants:

Individual Coaching

  • "helpful, supportive, enlightening, helped to focus on key issues"
  • “has really helped me with managing my team”
  • “I feel more confident”
  • “I was able to achieve the actions I set myself to achieve my goal”
  • “I think it has helped to break things down into manageable tasks….not so daunting”

Action Learning Sets

  • positive - identifying issues to work on together outside of the sessions
  • helpful to focus on development of the team manager role
  • the approach has been empowering
  • A good opportunity to work together and gain clarity about the AP role