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Enfield Trauma Informed Practice Programme

We were delighted to be invited to create a virtual course for Enfield Council which was a multi-agency training course, to be delivered over 3 weekly sessions, of two and a half hours.

We chose to deliver this course through a method of learning which contained the use of pre-recorded material and live sessions. In these live sessions we discussed, in small groups, the relevance of the material to the working lives of the participants. Having a multi-agency group meant that the discussions were very varied and comprehensive as they came from the perspective of the Police, Social Care, Health, The Third Sector and Education.  We found this to be real advantage in considering the variety of trauma responses that we see across the spectrum of sectors

The learning objectives for this course were:

  • Understand what Trauma Informed Practice is
  • Understand the values and principles that underlie Trauma Informed Practice
  • Consider what constitute Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Explore the impact of ACE’s and how these contribute to the need for Trauma Informed Practice
  •  Understand the four principle of TIP – Recognise, Respond, avoid Re traumatisation, build Resilience 
  • Understand why Trauma Informed Practice is important for services, children and families
  • Understand what Trauma Informed Practice looks like
  • Appreciate the relevance of SAMHSA’s six key principles of a trauma informed approach this will just be slotted in
  • Recognise the positive impact of demonstrating unconditional positive regard
  • Understand secondary and vicarious trauma and how to respond to it and prevent it
  • Develop practice skills and techniques to come alongside the client in a trauma informed way


Feedback from the course was very positive and we have since been commissioned to deliver another round of training for a further year.