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Evaluation Cheshire and Merseyside Social Work Teaching Partnership

We conducted an evaluation between December 2018 and January 2020 on the Teaching Partnership which was funded (by DfE and DHSC) to improve the quality of social work teaching and training, in order to raise the quality of entrants to the profession – and the wider workforce.

The evaluation : 

  •       assessed the effectiveness of the partnership’s governance, management and delivery structures
  •       evaluated how far the vision and aims were understood by partners and stakeholders and how far these fit and are embedded into individual                  partner organisations and work
  •       evaluated the benefits, early outcomes and the impact arising for the partnership’s activity and identified what is working well and less well
  •       specified the additionality and perspectives on value for money arising from the Partnership made recommendations for sustainability

The evaluation was delivered in two phases (formative and summative) and consisted of qualitative field work (interviews face to face and telephone and focus groups) and quantitative based on available data.