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Evaluation - Children and Young People Accelerator Pilot Project

We provided an evaluation of the North Central London Transforming Care Partnership ‘Children and Young People Accelerator Pilot Project’ who were aiming to support families at an earlier stage, before they get to crisis level, to prevent escalation to crisis and reduce the need for Tier 4- and 52-week residential placements. 

Three projects were included in the evaluation:

  • Transforming Care Prevention and Support (TCaPS) Service (Accelerator Pilot Project) – delivered in ‘three’ management areas: Enfield, Barnet and 3 Borough (Islington, Camden Haringey);
  • Islington PBS service;
  • Enfield PBS Service.

The evaluation considered:

  • How effective the projects were in their delivery –enablers and challenges
  • The outcomes achieved for individuals, families and the service
  • Evidence of value for money, on the basis of avoidance of negative outcomes

The evaluation was a multi-method, underpinned by the collection of qualitative and quantitative evidence as follows:

  • Family and service level data collection and analysis
  • Consultations with project and data leads
  • Practitioner interviews and focus groups
  • Consultation with families