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FACT 22 Crewe C Change

C-Change is a structured, evidence based approach to assessing parental capacity to change in situations where the parenting is likely to be causing harm to their children.  It was developed at the University if Bristol and Interface are the national training provider for the C-Change approach.

The FACT 22 team are a specialist child-in-need team who work intensively with families to support positive change. They receive their cases from Cheshire East Children’s Services. They felt they would benefit from a structured approach to assessing a parent’s capacity to change that worked alongside their solution-focused, strengths-based approach. We were delighted to train all of the practitioners, social workers and the team manager from both pods (12 learners) and provide the 2-day C-Change training and a follow up day which reinforced their learning and provided an additional opportunity for application of the thinking and tools to live cases.

The FACT 22 team are well versed in goal setting and embraced the concept of further breaking goals down into descriptive levels.  They felt that the additional C-Change tools which introduced the idea of scaling the outcome, would enable them to review and improve their existing practice to achieve the best outcomes for the families.  By the end of the 3 days, practitioners felt they would be able to explore issues around change in greater depth and gain clear evidence of change to contribute to analysis and decision making.  Several practitioners left feeling they had greater insight into the situation families were in and with plans to amend the goals that they were working towards.

Feedback from learners included:

  • C-Change will help in assessing ability to change by breaking down problems into manageable areas
  • I really like being able to reflect on changes needed .v. timescales for children. Will definitely help in making decisions about more timely escalations (to Child Protection)
  • Looking at the barriers and facilitators of change will give me the ability to weigh up what factors will help people change and what is stopping them
  • 100% said they would recommend the training to a colleague.
  • 100% said they intended to use the approach within the 3 months after the training.