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Halton - Staff support and Supervision

We provided a 2 day practical program for managers and seniors responsible for providing staff support and supervision, the group included new and developing managers.

Nominated leaders provided us with key internal information, including in house forms and processes and up to date information to ensure we included any local issues and potential organisational blocks.

Staff explored issues around the key tasks and functions to effective supervision, learning styles, their own management styles, professional boundaries, effective planning, record keeping and building staff resilience.

They also looked at different models of reflective practice and how they can support individuals and teams to review their practice and identify areas for further learning and development.

 Learner Feedback included: 

  • I will use some of the reflective resources to take to supervision and individual cases to develop skills
  • Improve reflective supervision, continue to develop my overall supervision practice, improve my timings
  • Great 2 days thank you - I will make our team aware of reflective practice and the importance of supervision
  • I will use more reflective practice in my team and look at the tools covered today
  • After the training I will be more understanding and be more reflective to work towards improving supervision both for the team and my personal support sessions