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Hartlepool ATHE Level 4 Working with Children, Individuals and Families.

We were approached by Hartlepool looking for an accredited course that would meet the needs of the early help workforce and be adaptable enough to include their parental conflict agenda and priority in the area.

We worked with lead managers to ensure we understood the areas need and local context. 

Staff from a range of roles attended including early help family support workers, school support staff, children’s centre workers, children’s social care and those working with commissioned services.

The observations and direct feedback from the trainer highlighting the range of skills and good practice staff are displaying and wider areas for improvement were integrated through the head of service and included into their wider support and development of Early Help in Hartlepool.

Hartlepool are completing an internal evaluation with staff and families to measure the impact of the course on working with parental conflict, early feedback has shown an increase in confidence and knowledge.

Learner Feedback included: 

  • I was so nervous before I started, I needn’t have been as there is lots of support, I feel really proud I have completed the course.
  • Really helped with my knowledge and confidence and will enhance my work in the school.
  • I’ve really enjoyed it, the training days were engaging and interactive and I have learnt so much, Thank You