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Hertfordshire – Level 4 Certificate Working with Children, Individuals and Families

We were delighted to provide our qualification to staff in Hertfordshire.

13 staff were enrolled on the course, and all completed and received the full certification for the level 4 qualification!

Hertfordshire commissioned an inhouse cohort of staff to complete the qualification following the success and feedback from other authorities and conversations that we could bespoke and adapt the learning to their needs, structure and relevance to the whole family working they are providing. 

Staff have completed excellent written knowledge-based assignments, reflections, case studies and examples of practice in assessing need, creating SMART plans and building independence and self-reliance. 

The course was delivered over 6 face to face sessions and a number of one to one check ins and feedback sessions including a professional discussion to assess practice and ability to adapt to meet a range of needs. 

Staff attendance and attainment has been excellent, they have built individual strong portfolios of evidence highlighting their work with families, processes in place and reflections on areas for development. 

Managers and heads of service arranged a graduation ceremony for the staff where Interface were invited to share their success and personally deliver the certificates.

Learner Feedback included:

I am even more passionate about my role since completing this course and Clare has given me the confidence that I am doing a good job, so I will continue to bring this passion every day to my role.

I am aware that my work life balance needs some work and this has been reflected in my personal development plan, and i have also found a new passion for learning and will continue to learn as much as I can and continually increase my skill set

My assessor was amazing! she was approachable and made me feel comfortable in asking any question, no matter how small. She gave clear feedback to all my work which reassured me when i felt anxious about the quality of my work. She made the face to face sessions fun and interactive. I enjoyed each session and looked forward to them

The course informed me of many aspects of working with families that I had not previously known.  I have a greater understanding of the generational cycle, the impact of listening to trauma on my own mental health and wellbeing.  To look differently and understand that my own thinking may be impacted by my own experiences.  To think and work differently using greater understanding of building effective partnerships with families.