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HSCB Northern Ireland - Capacity to Change Training

We are delighted to be working with HSCB providing the Capacity to Change Programme developed by the The University of Bristol. 

We are the licenced national training provider in this approach which focuses specifically on parental capacity to change, with the aim of improving practitioner skills and better informing future planning and decision-making.  

Northern Ireland HSCB identified a gap in their ongoing assessment initiatives regarding parental capacity to change, and therefore were keen to train practitioners from across Northern Ireland in the C Change model.

29 HSCB participants have completed the 2-day training and 1 follow up day. The latter included embedding the C-Change model into practice using participant case material. This was a reflective day with ample time to use the materials and reflect on the practitioner/parent relationship dynamics.

HSCB have booked a 2nd follow up day to specifically look at developing the C-Change materials in report writing for court, including observation to evidence actual change. 

Feedback from learners included: 

  • “This will inform my assessments and measure capacity to change at an earlier stage.”
  • “This offers a clear and concise means of collating information and making decisions clearer.”
  • “C Change approach is clear to use and to understand. It will support assessments using tools and methods and evidence capacity to change”.
  • “It will help enormously - it was valuable to break it down to look at facilitators and barriers, goals etc. – it gives structure and helps analysis and focuses recommendations”.
  • “It was very valuable training and will help me feel more confident about my decision making”.
  • “Throughout the training is was really helpful to work on practice examples to develop understanding and skills re goal attainment scales”
  •  “As a manager, I will use this in supervision and can implement it as a part of decision making and case management”.
  • “Very useful, builds analytical skills”
  • “Highly relevant”

 100% of participants would recommend the 2 day and follow up training to other practitioners.

 In regard to the training delivery:

  • Great expertise.
  • Really good to have case examples, I enjoyed the interactive nature.
  • Very clear
  • Very engaging
  • Excellent delivery

 Commissioners Feedback:

This training needed to fit with other initiatives and Interface were very accommodating. There was also excellent communication both prior to and during the training.

See more on the approach here.