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LB Brent - Family Wellbeing Centre Team Development

Interface have been busy over the last year supporting the transition to Family Wellbeing Centres (FWCs) and skilling up the workforce in their Early Help model.

There was representation from centre managers, centre support officers, triage workers and key workers within session, which sought to facilitate a change in culture and working practice. Sessions have been held every 6 months to think about the process of change, barriers to change and reflect on how the new ways of working can become more defined and embedded. Staff engaged in activities in small groups identifying what they need in place to work in a more integrated way.

“Really enjoyed the way in which we were encouraged to think differently and work collaboratively to look potential barriers and how to overcome them as a team.” FWC Manager

 “Thank you, I got a lot from the session and was able to visualise how our team will be working in a more cohesive way.” Triage Worker

 “I found this to be a safe space to share my thoughts around the new FWC and its impact on my role.”. FWC Keyworker