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LB Redbridge - Trauma Informed Practice Programme

We are delighted to have been chosen to work closely with lead officers at LB Redbridge to provide a large-scale training and support programme to increase understanding of trauma, consider how this impacts individuals and support practitioners to work in a trauma informed way when supporting children and families. 

The programme of support includes: 

  • Briefing Sessions for Management Team 
  • Training for 300 front-line staff and managers across the Children and Family Directorate and related services. 
  • Training for all front-line managers and supervisors across the Children and Family Directorate to support in embedding the trauma informed approach, to understand secondary and vicarious trauma and how to respond to it and prevent it. 
  • Training and mentoring to create Advanced Practitioners 
  • Information sessions for 150 foster carers including respite carers and specialist carers who support Children with disabilities and adolescents.
  •  Briefing sessions for Multi-Agency Partners 
  • Clinical Supervision and Complex Case Discussions
  • Work with the Education Directorate and Schools to embed existing training delivery to Schools, Supporting with review of policies and procedures e.g. behavioural and exclusion policies and consultation and advice to support a whole school approach.