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LB Waltham Forest - Reflective Supervision

We delivered a reflective supervision course to managers and supervisors via a virtual platform over 3 half day sessions. Staff attending were from roles in child and Family work and adult care. 

We reviewed the current process and supervision policies for staff support and supervision in place to ensure our delivery was current and relevant. 

Delegates shared challenges and areas of good practice in providing high quality supervision, managing risk and the importance of staff wellbeing. 

Learning Outcomes for the 3-session course: 

  • Recognise the need for regular and high-quality supervision
  • Use of the systemic model of supervision to inform practice
  • Create a supervision atmosphere that can safely be challenging, exploring, reflective and analytical whilst ensuring the staff members well-being
  • How to support staff in identifying and managing potential future risks
  • Understand the responsibilities of supervisees and be able to clarify their contribution to making supervision effective
  • Tools that help facilitate critical decision-making and help workers to analyse information and use this analysis to inform decision making in situations where there are concerns. 

Attendance to all sessions was excellent and delegates verbal feedback highlighted: 

Their confidence to address concerns and support their staff to reflect on risk has increased.

Tools to support their reflection were helpful

The feel more empowered to use their own supervision to support and inform their practice and wellbeing was enhanced.