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LB Waltham Forest - Responding to Trauma and Parental Conflict

We are excited to be delivering a large programme of training to staff across Early Help around Trauma and Parental Conflict.

Waltham Forest’s Early Help’s approach to building family resilience is grounded in an understanding of the significant, far-reaching impact that trauma can have and they have developed a trauma informed practice manual in partnership with the South London and Maudsley that reflects a framework to working holistically with children, young people and families from a trauma-informed perspective.

Our training will support understanding in these areas and develop confidence in working with the many parents that practitioners come into contact with where parental conflict is present.

Our training will cover: 

Session 1 Trauma and Parental Conflict

  • What is trauma? Overview of dynamics and types of trauma
  • Parental conflict - the dynamics
  • Brief overview of brain development and adverse child experiences - specific link to parental conflict including evidence of links
  • Window of tolerance
  • 5F responses - friend, fight, flight, freeze, flop

Session 2 Recognising Parental Conflict

  • Coregulation
  • Trauma informed approach - the four R’s - realise, recognised, respond, avoid re traumatization
  • Application to practice around recognising parental conflict and links to evidence

Session 3 and 4 Responding to Parental Conflict

  • Supporting approaches - mediation, counselling, negotiating, motivational interviewing, coaching
  • Core principles around responding and behaviour change
  • Using skills and tools to promote change
  • Dealing with resistance