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Level 4 – Working with Children, Individuals and Families– Warrington

To support their team and whole-system approach we provided the Level 4 Certificate - Working with Children, Individuals and Families for the multi-agency locality team professionals.The 15 credit Level 4 qualification consisted of 3 units: 

  • Engagement and Communication - Building Effective Relationships
  • Assessment, Tools and Planning
  • Supporting family members towards independence and self – reliance

 Learners all engaged in the 6 days training delivery and assessment process sharing good practice and implementing new tools and skills to their family work.

 Direct feedback from learners included;

The pace and content of the course is exactly what I needed to improve my working with young people, I have learnt so much during this course
The course is fantastic there is so much support available to complete the assessment
Trainer is great really keeps you engaged and makes the learning fun
The eLearning extras are really helpful to build in to my practice