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Level 4 Working with Parents (Intense support for families with complex needs) – LB Brent

Brent identified that they wanted to offer multi agency staff training to meet the demands around working in a whole family way. This was both to support families with multiple and complex needs and those with emerging needs.

The level 4 training was offered to staff working to the troubled families’ agenda and those staff supporting families through and early help model n schools, children’s centers. Brent had as strong cross section of workers come together to share knowledge and good practice.

The course was fully supported by the authority who carried out their own audit and feedback of how the course material is implemented in their direct work with families.

The staff were able to offer some solutions to where gaps in service remain and Brent have begun the process of enabling staff to be proactive at implementing changes. As always we met regularly with officers throughout the training to ensure that any messages and useful strategic planning information was feedback.

All staff completed the full programme and qualification.

Staff reflected:

  • They feel more confident to work with families following the course
  • They have more tools to engage
  • They had more clarity on their role by spending some time to reflect on new thinking and embed some good practice skills