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Level 4 Working with Parents (Intense support for families with complex needs) Training – LB Newham

Newham were looking for evidence based training for their newly formed team. The team were going to be working with families with high complex needs following the troubled families’ agenda.

The staff came from a range of background and experience and Newham were clear they wanted the team to have a consistent standard of training and vision.

The training was fully supported by Newham and a manager was appointed to lead the training integration. This allowed for consistent follow up and an opportunity to identify gaps in practice and tailor the needs of both the team as a whole and the needs of individual workers.

Staff in Newham were very skilled so some additional information such as baby brain development was added to the programme at their request.

All staff completed the full programme in the allocated time.

A follow up day with the team managers was held where we were able to feedback the staff requests and ideas and unpick blocks to the service.

For some staff this was the first time they had completed further study whilst others held degrees and social work qualifications. The evaluations showed all staff gained knowledge and felt the training improved their practice. The opportunity to bond and spend time as a team was highly valued.