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Level 6 Coaching OPEN Training

We have a fantastically diverse group of people join our open training programme for those interested in providing coaching for improvement in either organisations or for individuals.

The course was run in our Norwich based office over 5 full days and 2 further workshops. This provided a plenty of opportunity to practice and receive feedback. A comprehensive assessment process took place alongside.

The course covered 3 units:

Principles and practices of coaching and mentoring

This was around developing knowledge and understanding of the differences between coaching and mentoring, their application and the principles and practices which can be used in coaching and mentoring situations.  There was plenty of opportunity to learn and practise the skills required to be an effective coach.

Coaching for business/organisational improvement

This is where our trainee coaches carried out 20 hours of coaching to support individuals and demonstrate improvement. This really focused their minds on the essential skills and elements around contacting and boundaries.

Personal development for coaches and mentors

This What's now the excellent time for learners to consider their own development needs in the context of coaching and mentoring and to plan to meet those needs.

 Both the tutors had great fun with this fantastic group of learners.