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Level 4 Certificate, Working with Children Individuals and Families, Southside, Bath

Southside were looking for a training program that would support and enhance the work they are completing in their family service and the local community. One that aligned with their vision put the family at the centre of their thinking to build resilience and independence. 

13 staff completed the full qualification that consisted of 3 core units 

  • Engagement and Communication - Building Effective Relationships 
  • Family assessment Tools and planning 
  • Supporting family members towards independence and self–reliance 

Staff included managers, senior support workers and parent volunteers. This allowed the group to support each other and the make the course bespoke for their organisation.

Southside worked closely with us to ensure the content was right and met the needs of the diverse roles held by staff attending alongside the complex and universal needs of the families they were supporting. 

We worked closely with the team to bespoke the course ensuring we were able to enhance their skills in supporting individuals and families and teaching new skills and ideas in understanding family needs, assessment skills, intergenerational worklessness and impact of trauma. 

The staff were highly commended by the qualification board in recognition of the quality of the portfolios submitted for verification. From the start there was a real investment in their own learning and development and what the service as a whole could take from the qualification. All staff completed a work project showcasing how they could improve/enhance the service these included:

  • Evaluation of a community group
  • Creation of a young person’s group
  • Clearer multi agency agreements
  • Service family day
  • Introduction of new direct work-based tools to be used in family work    

Learner Feedback included:

  • Achievable, interesting and highly valuable
  • This is the highlight of my career so far, I have been totally inspired by the trainer to do the best job I can possibly do for families, she is so passionate about making a difference to the lives of vulnerable children and families, I’m just sad it’s finished.
  •  I have used the assessment skills learned during the course to enhance my own work in whole family assessments, with particular emphasis on capturing the ‘voice of the young person’ and allowing them to tell their story.