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Local Authorities Case Study

Interface was established in March 2010, by members of the former Families Delivery Team, Families at Risk Division at the Department for Education (DfE). We were successful in receiving £2m grant from DfE (Families at Risk) from the national prospectus ‘Improving Outcomes for Children, Young People and Families’ to support LA’s in developing their services for families with multiple problems including:

  • working with every LA in the country providing challenge/support strategically and operationally around their work with families
  • running national and regional network events, promoting good practice
  • supporting community budgets, examplars and dissemination hubs
  • work with other VCS providers
  • work with other departments and sector led support organisations such as LGiD, LGA and C4EO

This grant later moved to DCLG Troubled families’ team to support with this agenda.

The free offer to all LAs funded by the DfE included:

  • a regular update containing relevant, emerging and innovative practice, information and research
  • a regular visit from an experienced associate with expertise to provide an opportunity to refocus, or to support the work and approach to families
  • a website containing with regular news updates and relevant information
  • support and co-ordination of network and information sharing meetings
  • provision of tools and interventions to work in intensive support services
  • an opportunity for LAs to influence national policy through our direct links to DfE and government departments