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London Open - ATHE Level 4 Working with Children, Individuals and Families.

We had 3 local authority areas attend our London open training course, they appreciated learning together and exploring how their services are working with families in the early help arena, sharing good practice ideas and strategies to overcome barriers.

 All staff completed the 3 comprehensive units, over 6 training sessions, one to one meeting and completing a portfolio of evidence.

  • Engagement and communication
  • Family assessments and plans
  • Building independence and self-reliance

 Learner Feedback included: 

  • Spending time away from the day job to focus on what we do well and what makes a difference to families has been really helpful
  • I’ve loved it, thank you
  • A very useful and relevant course for anyone working with complex children and families
  • It can feel a lot of work when you start but there is so much support and it’s like it’s been made for those of us working in the Early Help