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Manchester City Council – Working with Men & Fathers in families

The Complex Safeguarding Inclusion Team is a service which focuses on the identification and response to vulnerable children and young people at risk of exploitation in Manchester, including a Trauma Informed Approach and Understanding Impact from Risk Management for families.

Throughout the day we drew on shared expertise in working with young people and families, the context of work with fathers, and how this has developed, the barriers to accessing fathers, their motivations and the language that is used by practitioners, in both practice and assessments.

We drew learning from several ways, the group entertaining each other with art, role play, paired learning, larger group debate and challenging conversations about experiences of work with Whole Families.

The day was a great success, with lots of learning, and positive feedback throughout around the courses outline, and the following learning objectives, all of which were achieved

  • The importance of working with fathers in families
  • Practice dilemmas workers face when working with men in families
  • Skills to find, engage, communicate and understand men in families
  • The research evidence and men’s experiences of services
  • The need to assess both strengths and risks of men in families
  • How an understanding of attachment theory can help working with men in families