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Motivational Interviewing training for the BREAK Charity - January 2019

We provided a 2-day course on course on Motivational Interviewing for staff working in residential settings across Norfolk.

On day 1 we looked at the initial relationship building, how to enhance engagement and lay building blocks for more challenging conversations. We moved on to the theory and key principles of motivational interviewing and practiced the skills, Open ended questions, affirmations, reflective listening and summaries (OARS). We looked at how to pick out statements of desire, ability, reasons and need to change (DARN) and recognising indicators of commitment, activation and taking steps to change (CAT) and Stages of Change.

Learners went away to practice skills and came back 2 weeks later sharing what had gone well/less well. We focussed then on dealing with resistance, developing discrepancy, adjusting to clients’ resistance and supporting self-efficacy and optimism by eliciting and amplifying strengths.

Feedback included:

‘This is the best training that I have had since working at BREAK’

Really made me challenge my practice’