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Buckinghamshire Council - Contextual Safeguarding Training

We were commissioned to deliver Contextual Safeguarding training for Buckinghamshire Council Early Help team in Social Care and Youth Justice. 

The learning objectives of the course were to:

  • Understand the contextual safeguarding approach and the values that underpin it
  • Consider adolescent brain development and behaviour
  • Recognize the context of risk and vulnerability in adolescence
  • Consider the child protection system in relation to harm outside the family home
  • Apply the contextual safeguarding approach to assessment and intervention

A really interactive day was spent getting to grips with the Contextual Safeguarding approach and how this related to the work in practice.  Using a variety of tools from the Contextual Safeguarding Network and individuals own practice, we explored through group work how we could adapt practice to better support families who were experiencing extra – familial harm.

Some of the impact of the training is highlighted below in the self generated action points that we invited participants to commit to at the end of session :

  • Raise awareness of CS in network meetings
  • Will use as a heading during Supervision to encourage reflective practice. Challenge s/w’s re what is the wider context when stepping down families
  • Raise the agenda & focus of EFU in context throughout YP and family work
  • Review the EH Partnership Forum, store trainers and worksheets with team
  • Raise awareness, share information, apply some ideas
  • Identify how this can be utilised within strategic planning & delivery
  • Use CS headings in Supervision and ask different questions
  • Apply it to my practise and be more mindful when reading a referral
  • Look at the bigger picture not just the incident, Think more about choices ??  with YP – do they always have a choice!

 Some added comments were:

It was informative, though provoking and inspiring – thank you!

It was great!

85% of participants rated the course as excellent in terms of developing their practice