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Norfolk - Trauma informed Practice

We have provided several bespoke individual training days on trauma informed practice. There is always an interesting mix of participants across education, health, adults and children social care, housing police and many more.

The learning outcomes for Norfolk’s one day programme are:

  • Explore what it means and looks like to be informed and responsive to trauma, as an individual and as an organisation
  • Understand the different ways that trauma can present
  • Understand the impact of trauma
  • Understand how trauma can impact on capacity to change
  • Develop an understanding of the impact on staff of working with those who have experienced trauma (re-traumatisation), including vicarious trauma
  • Develop skills in supporting children, young people and families to build resilience and overcome adversity
  • Know how to respond effectively to trauma triggered behaviours
  • Have an awareness of tools And how to apply them

Recent feedback includes:

“This was excellent training thank you”.

“The trainer was extremely experienced and knowledgeable, and this was super helpful”

“I really need to think about my language! “

“I am going to go back to my organisation and push for this to be adopted as an ethos within our team “

“I definitely think our whole school needs to understand this and adopt it “

“Thoroughly enjoyable day. Great to pair up with people and walk and talk “.