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North Yorkshire Horizons - Trauma Informed Practice

We were commissioned to deliver Trauma Informed Practice for North Yorkshire Horizons, with a remit to train the entire organisation as well as the Senior Leadership Team.  This service supports adults with drug and alcohol related issues. 

It was a pleasure to be able to work with such a committed and passionate organisation. Training commenced with the client facing staff team, where we focussed on the 4 R’s of TIP with a emphasis on staff wellbeing as well as that of client wellbeing.  For this course we used a mixed method of pre-recorded material and live sessions.

Taking what we learnt from our collaboration with the staff, we integrated that information to inform the Senior Leadership Team training. 

For the Senior Leaders, we focussed the training on the how to move Trauma Informed Practice forward within the structure and operation of the Organisation

Some examples of the excellent development that has come from that team, in response to the training, were around the following themes:

Staff support and awareness of Vicarious and Secondary Trauma and how to increase resilience and embed a culture of wellness.

The realising of the presence of trauma in the client group and staff, and how to avoid re-traumatization.

The consideration to use of language

How to adapt the physical environment to suit the needs of the client.

Service user and staff collaboration

Re-evaluating assessment and screening tools


“Thanks for the training. Some really great ideas have developed as a result and I'm looking forward to seeing it progress.”