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PACT - Trauma Informed Practice – online learning

We have a long-term working partnership with Pact having provided training in a range of areas including.

  • Staff supervision
  • Family group conferencing
  • Restorative practice
  • De–escalation skills
  • Cultural Competence

Pact now wanted to support their staff in building an awareness of Trauma and came to us as experts in this field. They were looking for a course that would offer staff an understanding of Trauma being a likely feature in their client group and tools and skills to help them 'come alongside' and work in a Trauma Informed way. 

Pact already had an inhouse, interactive learning platform where staff are able to access courses and complete learning online so we worked together to ensure the course would work on this. The training was broken into manageable sections with opportunities for reflections and for staff to explore videos and research to enhance learning. A facility for staff to add in information to refer back to and to take to staff supervision or peer conversations was also incorporated.

Out strong working partnership for this piece of work was vital, we were successful in tailoring the content so that it was relevant to Pact staff and the work they are doing.

Content included:

  • Understanding Trauma
  • Recognising signs and behaviours as possible trauma.
  • Building skills and knowledge to respond in a trauma informed way
  • Avoiding re traumatisation in their work.
  • Being aware of the importance of staff wellbeing when working with Trauma

It was recommended all staff completed the online training before attending any subsequent face to face training to ensure that the principles of Trauma informed Practice were understood so that it would truly underpin their practice.