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Parental 'Virtual' Capacity To Change Training – Barnardo’s- Northern Ireland

In the summer of 2020 we worked to develop a virtual version of C-Change and this was one of the first deliveries in that format.

As with the face to face version, the programme introduces the concepts of C Change, sets the context within which the model was developed and addresses how the model can be used to enhance and support existing assessment models. The virtual version is slightly shorter, and comprises a blended mix of pre-recorded input, live discussion and whole and small group activity. Participants work on case studies to practice key skills before moving on to apply the model to their own cases, feeding back on and exploring their their experience in Day 2.

 Feedback on the programme was positive and included the following comments:

I have found my entire involvement with Interface to be of a very high standard - all members of the team have been friendly, helpful and very keen to ensure they were able to deliver what I needed for our teams.  Sue was a great trainer.   I feel we as a team learned a lot and I would definitely recommend to others.


I found Interface to be a highly professional organisation from start to finish. The training was delivered in a collaborative way that was meaningful for the work we do