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Peterborough & Cambridgeshire - Child Criminal Exploitation and Modern Day Slavery training

We were invited to create a one day virtual course for Peterborough which would deliver learning around Child Criminal Exploitation and Modern Day Slavery

For this course we decided to use a mixed method of learning which involved the use of pre-recorded material and live sessions.  Participants began the day in a live session where they had the opportunity to meet one another, ask questions and let the trainer know their level of experience and any particulars they were hoping to gain from the day.  The day was then divided between viewing 3 pre- records and 3 further live sessions.  Feedback from the day was that this method of learning worked really well with one participant stating it was the best virtual course she had ever attended.  Other participants stated:

It was really good and interactive.

This course works well with videos and time to move around

Best trainer of 2021

Delivered really well, thanks

The aim of the course was to establish what both CCE and Modern Day Slavery are, how children and families experience this type of abuse, and what we can do to identify and support people who are abused in this way.  This included learning around Contextual Safeguarding.  Quizzes, films, case studies and small group work sessions were all methods used to engage learners.

Some of the learning from the course was as follows:

I have a good understanding of the signs of CCE and CSE and being able to have conversations with young people

This was well worth waiting for - I waited for a long time

I will be open minded when completing assessment

I have learnt to be aware of the language I use with children ie exploitation and criminal