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Restorative Practice in Devon

Devon's approach and commitment to developing Restorative Practice aims to ensure that this is embedded and experienced as “a way of being, with one another, children and families and partner agencies which puts relationships at the heart of everything we do. This includes building and maintaining healthy relationships and resolving difficulties when they occur. Restorative Practice includes both formal processes as well as informal everyday interactions”

Our training will support understanding of human behaviours and skills to engage and support others to work towards change in a supportive and structured framework – working with rather than doing to!

Our training currently covers;

Session 1  - An introduction to Restorative Approaches & Practice

  • Decision Making in Families
  • Values and Principles
  • Theoretical background which underpins practice
  • Challenge v Enquiry
  • Features of Restorative Language and questioning framework
  • Accountability and Responsibility lead to Change and Growth
  • Circles

Session 2 – Developing Restorative practice

  • Practising Circle Time
  • Compass of Shame – developing understanding of human behaviours and how to work alongside others to reduce shame
  • Myth of Difference  - a short exercise designed to widen thinking and understanding around human behaviours and actions
  • Key themes of questioning – what happened, thoughts, feelings and reflection on actions which supports change and accountability to resolve harm and conflict
  • Case studies which analyse behaviours and supports practitioners to help others to identify their needs and find solutions to the issues or situation they are experiencing
  • Further exploration of how to develop confidence and competence in communicating with others in an open and non-judgemental atmosphere