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Sefton Early Years and ‘School Ready’ support

Sefton needed to increase the proportion of children in Sefton who are “school ready” enabling parents to give them the best possible start in life.

They wanted to see a rising performance trajectory as measured by the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile including a narrowing of the attainment gap between all children and the bottom 20%.

We provided support and challenge to increase capacity, pace and creativity throughout the change process. This included:

  • Presenting an options appraisal of examples of national good practice and recommendations.
  • Supporting robust evaluation of the current School Ready provision that includes a baseline analysis of quality and impact.
  • Ensuring that there was a shared understanding of Sefton’s  Early Help, Early Intervention and Prevention and Early Years offers.
  • Consultation with key partners and stakeholders who  informed the design of  School  Ready.
  • Successful implementation of School Ready by March 2014.
  • Provided coaching, challenge and support to the leadership team that facilitated a successful change process and ownership of the new model.

Providing monitoring and evaluation tools to demonstrate the impact of the School Ready offer.