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Sefton – Support for Childcare and Early Years provision

Sefton recognised the complexity of the Early Years and childcare landscape alongside the Government expectation for local authorities to demonstrate progress in this service area by ensuring:

  • joined up working across services to support the concept of “early action” particularly for the most vulnerable children and families
  • successful implementation of the Two Year Old Free Education Entitlement offer
  • effective children’s centre provision targeted at the most vulnerable families
  • early Years Workforce development
  • leadership development through sector led system leadership approaches
  • improved educational outcomes for the youngest children particularly in relation to school readiness

We supported Sefton to consider the effectiveness of current early years and childcare provision at a strategic and operational level by detailed scrutiny, analysis and improvement planning across the following areas:

  • the leadership, delivery and effectiveness of children’s centre services
  • appropriate linkage of early years services with the LA’s Early Help approaches, particularly in relation to family support services and targeted interventions
  • how greater support can be given to disadvantaged children and their families prior to their arrival at school
  • how schools can become more involved in early years and childcare services
  • introduction of the concept of sector led improvement to drive sustainable change as the role and resources of the LA continue to recede
  • early years and childcare workforce development and professional support for service leaders and managers