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Shropshire Early Help – Staff Support and Supervision

We have a long-standing working relationship with Shropshire and recently delivered an updated 2 day supervision course for new and emerging mangers.

There was a mix of staff attending who hold direct support and supervision roles and some who offer more ad hoc support to school based workers.

There was a large focus on reflective practice and critical thinking when working while family.

We were able to link the supervision training to the wider staff training and this was beneficial in the holistic knowledge in their processes and offer to children and families in the Early help arena.

 Learning Outcomes 

  • Understanding the key principles of supervising
  • Develop knowledge of reflective practice, reflexivity and critical thinking in supervision
  • Develop skills to recognise and manage stress in the workplace
  • Understanding the importance of effective record keeping in supervision
  • Explore knowledge of a range of approaches and strategies to effectively manage difficult situations arising through management and supervision
  • Explore what can enhance your Supervision practice 

Staff feedback on what they would do differently following the course included: 

All staff feedback showed an increase in confidence and understanding of the core purpose and functions of staff support and supervision

A commitment to audit current supervision process and templates ensuring a consistency of use in family support. 

‘I feel more skilled and informed in holding challenging conversations when needed’

‘I will be more proactive in my own supervision in focusing on my own needs and wellbeing’

‘So much to think about, I had lost sight of how much supervision is a core part of family intervention. Thank you’