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Shropshire - Staff support & supervision

We provided a 2 day practical program for managers responsible for providing supervision for a team and those soon to be taking on a management role.

We worked with key staff to discuss their precise needs to consider any local issues, processes and systems as well as any organisational blocks.

Learners explored issues around the key tasks and functions to effective supervision, learning styles, their own management styles, professional boundaries, effective planning, record keeping and building staff resilience.

They also looked at different models of reflective practice and how they can support individuals and teams to review their practice and identify areas for further learning and development.

 The 2 days was rounded up with the group agreeing a list of actions they were going to incorporate in to their supervision practice, both as individuals and as an organisation.

The area have followed up with half day manager workshops to support and implement excellent practice across the Early Help service.

 Learner Feedback included:

  •  Excellent training, practical & insightful. Really useful & will implement into practice.
  • Facilitator was knowledgeable and understood trainees – pitched correctly to the group.
  • Course was very well presented with the right levels of knowledge, input & interactive group-work. Also included different styles of feedback. Very impressive