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Skills Training Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire were looking for a training provider that could implement its ‘Think Family’ agenda to a large number of multi-agency staff over a 5 module structure.

Interface worked closely with Cambridgeshire to develop the course content to ensure that it met their precise needs. This was then agreed with multi agency partners to ensure it encapsulated all cross agency agendas.

The training days were co delivered with Cambridgeshire internal workforce development staff so that the module’s could continue to be delivered as a rolling programme throughout the year.

The training modules included content on:

  • Effective engagement and communication
  • Working whole family
  • Tools to engage
  • Risk and resilience
  • Skills and practice in TAF’s
  • Working with budgets
  • Whole Family Assessment and support plans

All of Cambridgshire's internal forms and processes were introduced and included in the sessions to enable staff to take on the new concepts and make the training real to their own role.

The training sessions were tailored as the modules progressed based on evaluation data and feedback to ensure we were meeting the needs of the learners and identifying any blocks in the organisation.