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Staff Empowerment Keeping Our Staff and Customers Safe – West Sussex

The training included staff dealing with customers on a regular basis that have very complex situations around registrar bookings or bereavement, those working in libraries and across wider services.

Training covered the following areas:

  • Customer Service – what is good customer service?
  • Managing Aggressive members of the public - how?
  • Knowing your boundaries and responsibilities - i.e. it is OK to phone the police
  • Assertiveness
  • Saying No effectively
  • What is unacceptable behaviour?
  • If staff are working alone/managing a smaller site how do you handle difficult customers i.e. Customer with Autism / Asperger Syndrome
  • Recognise different stages of conflict escalation
  • Recognise the signs of conflict and aggression
  • Maintain composure when responding to conflict and aggression
  • Use skills to manage their words, phrases and body language
  • Demonstrate skills to stay calm and manage angry customer behaviour
  • Structuring and controlling the conversation
  • Listening and calming the situation
  • Acknowledging difficulties and customer emotions
  • Managing unpredictability (drugs, alcohol, mental illness, etc.)
  • Handling abusive behaviour
  • Solving the problem