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Stockton - Relationship Based Practice

We are working initially with the senior leadership team, team managers and practitioners across Children’s Social Care as initial funding has been provided by TEWV (the Social Work Teaching Partnership). Support consists of: 

  • Creating bespoke training courses/workshops
  • 2 sessions for senior leaders – one prior to the wider start followed up with another session later in the programme to hear key messages and consider how they will support embedding
  • Sessions for Team Managers – a 3-day programme, followed up by 2 x ½ day embedding sessions
  • A 3 day programme for 64 practitioners across 4 cohorts
  • Some consultancy support to encourage wider conversations around processes and procedures to support embedding 

The learning outcomes of the team manager and practitioner programmes included: 

  • Consider the principles and evidence around relationship-based approaches
  • Explore what trauma informed practice is – how to recognise, respond and avoid re-traumatisation
  • Understand the skills and approaches required to provide relationship-based support
  • Learn about tools and techniques to support responding in a relationship-based way
  • Ability to plan effective interventions and plans in a relationship-based way
  • Explore the impact on staff of working with complex children and families
  • Ability to link relationship-based practice to direct work with children and families
  • Consider what relationship-based practice looks and feels like within the organisation
  • Understand concepts of transference and counter transference
  • Understand the impact on staff of working with complex children and families (compassion fatigue, vicarious and secondary trauma )