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Stockton - Cognitive, Social & Emotional Development Training Programme

We are providing a 2 year development training programme for a range of staff including health visitors, midwives, children centre and nursery workers, volunteers and social care staff around Cognitive, Social & Emotional Development.

This is a three day interactive programme to support practitioners to increase their knowledge, understand research and good practice from pregnancy to toddlerhood. Learners consider how neuroscience, child development and theory can be combined to support them to help families and develop practice to ensure all children have A Fairer Start.

Learners will:

  • Explore a range of factors influencing the foetal brain
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of communication from pre-birth
  • Consider a range of risk factors (stress, foetal alcohol syndrome, debt, substance misuse, Domestic Violence, Abuse, socio-economic factors, etc.)
  • Examine a range of theories, research and good practice in relation to neuroscience, child development and play
  • Explore activities and strategies to support families
  • Reflect on own experience, knowledge, understanding and skills in order to develop practice
  • Develop partnership working and network with colleagues from a range of services
  • Consider own learning in relation to the A Fairer Start: Personal Development Plan