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Stockton leadership development programme

We created and delivered a bespoke programme to support collaborative working across Stockton to the benefit of children and families. The course covered: 

  • Organisational culture and values
  • Leadership and management principles, styles
  • Change management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Adaptive leadership
  • Relationship management
  • Leading through difficult times
  • Managing upwards
  • Self-awareness and insight
  • Data and quality assurance
  • Communication styles

It also included introducing a method called Co consulting - a framework to present, analyse and discuss a problem or dilemma.

All attendees stated that they greatly benefited from attending the programme. 100% of them rated it as excellent. Some specific comments regarding the benefits of attending are outlined below:

 We were able to make deep connections with outside agencies as well as learn about ourselves and who we are as leaders.

  • The course provided fantastic opportunities for me to reflect on myself.
  • We have created relationships across the system.
  • This was a safe space to learn and challenge as well as having the time and space to reflect.
  • I have come to really understand myself and recognise that I am a leaders
  • This programme had so many benefits including networking, building relationships and connections, learning about me, improved confidence, leadership approaches tools and strategies.
  • I have massively built my confidence, had an opportunity to self reflect and develop my leadership skills. I feel like a different person. It has been a game changer.