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Team Training Norfolk

Following a successful 2 day supervision training a further need was identified for individual team training to embed good practice following the team induction process.

The team recognised that with a new and developing team there were some skills gaps in working with complex families. They were keen to ensure that there was consistency and an emphasis on well-being, resilience and safe working practice.

We created a bespoke training package covering themes such as:

  • Reflective Practice
  • Professional boundaries
  • Workers safety
  • Personal resilience
  • Working in a team
  • Supervision and support networks
  • Working with values and experience

There was a large emphasis on reflective practice and personal value base and plenty of opportunity for learners to explore what they needed from their managers and the organisation in order for them to fulfill their role and offer the best support possible to families with both complex and emerging needs.

We followed up with action planning meetings with managers to consider processes and actions which need to be taken forward. There are follow-up team manager training/planning day and a second team day for each of the areas.