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Tower Hamlets LSCB – Motivational Interviewing and Direct Work Tools

Tower Hamlets commissioned Interface to deliver Motivational Interviewing (MI) and direct work tools training for their staff to enhance their ability to support their vulnerable children, young people and families. The two-day MI training programme included the following elements:

  • Overview of the theory underpinning Motivational Interviewing.
  • Explore the Stages of Motivational Interviewing, Engaging, Focusing, Evoking and Planning.
  • Learning how the spirit of Motivational Interviewing can lead to improved engagement
  • Understanding where people might be in relation to Stages of Change, and how to listen out for signs that they might be ready to change
  • How really listening to and empathising with people’s struggles can support their natural desire to change
  • How to develop reflective listening skills

Working collaboratively was at the heart of this training, which was designed to help build practitioner’s confidence and skills in delivering this effective response to some challenging situations.

To complement the MI training, a 1-day training programme on using direct work tools to engage children and young people was also delivered to practitioners.

 “Excellent facilitation, interactive sessions/ activities” Participant

“The trainer was very personable and encouraged participation from everyone” Participant