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Troubled Families Support - Poole

The Families with Futures Programme is the Borough of Poole’s response to the Department for Communities and Local Government’s (DCLG) Troubled Families programme.  They developed a ‘Families with Futures Outcomes Framework’ which included the Payment By Results (PBR) indicators outlined by DCLG, along with a host of others, which collectively aimed to demonstrate the scope and scale of the impact of the programme.

Interface were commissioned to review the framework to ensure it encapsulated the requirements of the PBR scheme and fully reflected the range of other intended outcomes.

To ensure the Families with Futures outcomes framework was as comprehensive as possible, and so that maximum value was derived from the effort invested in the data exercise we:

  • provided an assessment of the outcomes framework and its fit with the PBR requirements
  • provided additional information on data sources, frequency of collation and legal gateways to facilitate data access
  • made recommendations on additional indicators that could be tracked, including those linked to their Skills Wheel
  • made suggestions for measuring softer outcomes, including views on service effectiveness
  • provided thoughts on the framework and how it could capture a more holistic overview of family characteristics
  • outlined the wider benefits that could be achieved from the DCLG reporting exercise