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Waltham Forest: Care to Share

A large group of professionals, working in a Residential Family Assessment Centre enjoyed this one day course with plenty of interactive learning and an opportunity to share knowledge and experience. The company wanted us to upskill the workforce who are involved in completing parenting assessments, exploring how Mental Health will affect the parents and children they are working alongside, and use these assessments for court processes.

The group thoroughly enjoyed the day;  working in small groups, having larger group discussions, being given an opportunity to discuss their own assessment procedures and how the training will impact on this and enable them to be more supportive. The group were introduced to mindfulness, allowing them practice ideas to work with complex families reducing risk, building resilience and supporting their families.

Identified Learning Outcomes for the course were:

  • Having a broad overview of common mental health issues
  • Gaining an understanding of the impact of poor mental health on families 
  • Understanding the impact of poor mental health on engaging with professionals and services 
  • Having an understanding of the impact of inequalities, including the oppression and discrimination on all family members 
  • Gaining an understanding of the ways in which parental mental illness may affect parenting capacity

Feedback from the day was gratefully received including:

‘Excellent delivery of the programme’
‘I will be more mindful of the impact Mental Health has on parenting’
‘I will be more empathetic and mindful when working with mental health service users’
‘Empathy, listening and understanding of App’s and tools available’
‘Very informative, concise, excellent activities and knowledge’
‘More reflection of Mental Health symptoms’
‘Better engagement with residents who are struggling’