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Unconscious Bias Training - Green School Trust Isleworth

We provided training and a day’s workshop for the senior leadership team across Green School Trust.

Support consisted of 2 short virtual learning modules covering what Unconscious Bias is and types of Unconscious Bias,

institutional bias, statistics and research followed by a face to face workshop considering:

  • Personal experiences of bias and its impact
  • Triggers and cues
  • Strategies to counter Unconscious Bias on an individual level
  • Strategies to counter Unconscious Bias on an institutional level

We then facilitated an action planning session for the Green School Trust.

Our SLT really benefited from the face to face session that was facilitated on “Unconscious Bias”. We found the presenters (Joy and Wendy) to be professional, knowledgeable and sensitive. They quickly built up a positive and trusting relationship with the group and were able to help us draw out key themes for action, adjusting to the needs and ideas of the staff with wisdom and humour. I would certainly consider inviting them back again to develop our staff

Sally Yarrow, Head Teacher, Green School Trust